Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shabby Chic for a 6 year old

Alright, I know it has been only a few months since we did my Chica's room makeover but I had to change it again. I missed being able to walk into her room and see her sleeping so peacefully. The bunk bed was too high, I couldn't see her sweet face at all. Plus, come to find out, I am no longer a limber teenager. It was extremely hard for me to crawl up in that bed with her to lay down every night. Goodness I am glad that is over with.

Lets start with this SWEET bed. I happen to run across an ad on craigslist while at the beach. After a few days, the ad dissappeared. Luckly I remembered that the ad said it was a resale store. About 2 weeks after I saw the ad, we went to the shop with intentions of just looking around. I honestly figured the bed was gone since I had not seen the ad up anymore. As we are walking around, THERE was the beautiful bed. Best part, it was half off! The bed is "said" to be form the early 1900s based on the wood, the build of the frame, and word of mouth. Did I mention it was half off?! So, we took it.. and added a sweet child size grandfather clock.
Yes, the clock works. The part with the face of the clock actually opens, there is a cabinet below the clock, and the two drawers. This is my favorite part of her room (other than the bed). Guess what else, it too was half off. What a deal we got!

I knew from the start I wanted a shappy chic theme. I wanted to add old items and things that would mean a lot to my chica. I asked people to make her things or hand down things to display in her room. Although only 2 people have done so, I have plenty of space waiting for everyone's contributions!
come on people, we are waiting..

(above) Bottom shelf: Chica's first ballet shoes, her first pearl necklace (Kelsey's wedding), my mom's baby shoes.  Top Shelf: (the it's a girl will not stay there) It's a girl from my baby shower, a crochet rainbow kitted with lots of love from Aunt Reb (it will be displayed differently as well) and under the rainbow is an old outfit my mom wore as a baby made by her mother. 

(left) bird hook displaying Chica's coming home from the hospital dress 
(right) bird hook displaying the dress my mom and myself came home from the hospital in

(above) the bird nest was given to her from my Grandpa. It is a real nest with a real hatched egg in it. He saved it for her and we transported with us back from Florida over the summer. The bird cage was a gift from a little while ago. 

(left) I need to take a better picture but.. a really old raggady anne sitting on books from when my mom was a little girl. My chica's name carved in wood. I love you through and through book (favorite ever) A bear that says she is the best daughter ever, and a cute pink pom pom. (right) my old blanket

(above bed) shelf: double sided pictures with plastic coverings not glass! Thank you IKEA. A flower head piece from Josh's wedding, My train jar from when I was a baby, a cute metal basket and vase from the thrift store. 

(above) her measuring thing we have had since the last house. 

We are in the process of redoing the dollhouse/book case. Reveal coming soon! 




Paint walls
New bed
Hang shelves
Fram pictures
Little touches (from other people)
Re-do doll house
Hang hooks
Wall decor
Window treatment

Shopping List
Bed- resale store- $99.00 (yes, $99.00)
Clock- resale store- $40.00
Dresser- Target- Gift
All shelves, vase, basket- thrift store- $20 total
Spray paint- hobby lobby- $12.00

Chica's Room Make Over #1

My Chica's room is smaller in this house than in the last. Although we do have a play room now, it seems her stuff is just over flowing. I could not get satisfied with her room so I decided to re-do it and make it storage friendly. After searching online for loft beds, we found an example of a bunk bed that was modified. The reason we chose this route is because loft beds are not as high as we needed it to be. With a new bed, fresh paint, and a dresser, Chica's room is ready for a 5 year old girl.  

She got a dresser!

We painted over the teal with purple and one of her walls we added glitter to the paint. I love the glitter wall. You wouldn't notice it unless you really looked at it. I wish i would have added twice as much but it does give her room a little sparkle. We purchased the glitter at home depot. 

Ikea Time! 

We bought an Ikea bunk bed and then modified it. Notice the above picture is able to have a mattress on the bottom. The after picture shows where we cut the front beam and then added a leg to the ladder for support. Greatest Idea EVER!  We can store so much under the bed. 

After adding fabric around the bed to hide the underneath, her room will be finished!




Storage Friendly Bedroom
Paint walls
New bed
Wall decor
Picture wall
Window treatment

Shopping List
Bed- Ikea- $150
Dresser- Target- Gift
Paint- Lowes- $60

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New House #2 Photos

Below are the pictures from the mls listing. I will update with current photos soon. Note: this is not our furniture or decorations. These are just the pictures that made me know this house is for us!

 Master Bath. In love with the cabinets and the tile in the shower. I will end up painting the color in the bathroom but for now it is beautiful. 3 months of living here and I have taken a bubble bath about 10 times so far. The amount of storage is wonderful and the shower is large enough for 2 people!

Master Bedroom. All I wanted was a bedroom that I could run in. Yes, really.. I want to run in my bedroom. The last bedroom you could barley walk in. This is much larger!

Open, light, and bright. That is what I wished for and that is what I got in my living room. 

Favorite room. The kitchen. It really looks like this in person! Check out the beautiful cabinets and floors! OMG. love love love it. Double oven, beautiful appliances, plenty of cabinets. LIGHTS

Laundry Room. yay.. with pretty floors and windows. No more basement clothes washing

POOL.. did you hear me? POOL.. I have dreamed of a pool. This is MY pool. 

huge driveway

beautiful land. 5.1 acres of grass and mostly woods. 

New House #2

While randomly searching on mls this past september, I came across this house that grabbed my heart. I knew it was a long shot. It was everything we want (reasonably everything) but the odds were not in our favor to be able to get it. Well, with prayer and trust.. We purchased our 2nd homes! Our bank guy, who we have had a very good relationship with from the first day of the first house, said that this was the quickest purchase he has ever done.

here is the time line that everything happened

August 25th 2012 - come across the house on mls
August 26th 2012- get some (inlaw) advice on if it is smart/doable/so on and so on
August 27th 2012- see the house for the first time
August 28th 2012- see the house again, put in offer
August 29th 2012- September 1st- back and forth negociating with the offer

September 2nd 2012- Offer Accepted. WE ARE UNDER CONTRACT

September 3rd 2012- September 13th 2012- waiting game
September 14th 2012- Appraisal in for sellers other house. Addendum is voided and all is wonderful
September 15th 2012 - September 26th 2012 - waiting game
September 28th 2012- Appraisal in for our house. WE ARE GOOD TO CONTINUE with purchase

October 2nd 2012- supposed to be closing day - banks computers shut down and closing on hold
October 3rd 2012- CLOSING DAY!!
October 4th 2012- October 6th 2012- seller is taking forever to move out. Aggravating!!

October 6th 2012- 8:00 at night, we have to leave wine over water- KEYS!
October 7th 2012- MOVE IN DAY

As you can see, it all happened pretty fast. The only problems we ran into was with the seller moving out. She didn't seem to understand that we wanted in out house. That it was our house now. That we couldn't cancel moving trucks and the help we got because she was having to move herself out and taking forever. UGH, but all in all it was a great process. Our agent was great, we love our bank guy, and the closing/title people were wonderful as well. 

Now, it is January 17th and we have currently not sold our other house. This could become an issue so please say a prayer, cross your fingers, and send people to buy our house. PLEASE

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Landscape.. Garden.. Heck, why not!

Our front yard is well, BLAH. When we bought the house in April, in 3 days it will be the 1 year mark! The house had a new roof, new gutters, fresh paint all over the outside.. The yard, nothing.. notta.. zip. Just a bush that actually is very pretty when it blooms. 

Zak and I have never planted a flower. EVER. Neither one of us. Now I have grown a flower in a flower pot at school maybe. We had been planning our landscape for weeks. I said lets just get a professional to do the entire thing. Hubz said. NO, we can do it. We read. We scoped out home depot and lows. We read some more. We researched. We googled pictures. We drew plans and thoughts. Then the day came and I was nervous! We changed out plans at last min. REALLY last min. As in standing in the yard with the shovel last min. We spray painted the outline of our plan then we dug the trench for the bricks and then off to home depot we went. After 3 carts and the Hubz debit card, after loading in the truck and home we went. It was time to start becoming professional gardeners. Actually lets say professional landscape designer since we are not sure if we have the green thumb to keep the flowers alive. We worked on this till midnight. Come to find out. I am good at planting flowers and bushes. Come to find out I LOVED IT! Relaxing!!

My first hole, my first plant, our house's first bush!

It is much prettier in the day but you get the point. We still have a tone more to do as for the landscaping. We have another one of these gardens to make and a bench (that we got today) will go in between them (since our porch is not large enough for rocking chairs) Of course more landscape details such as a fountain and stepping stones. Some taller bushes/trees at the far end of the house as well. For now, this will do. I want to wait to make sure we can keep flowers alive before we plant more flowers. Does anyone know how long I need to wait to see if we have the green thumb. does 2 weeks sound ok?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Storage for Sarah

Sarah, you were looking for ideas for your entry way. I could not figure out how to post pictures under a comment so here is a blog, JUST FOR YOU.. ha.. I know (from looking at your house renovations) You and the hubby can do things and build things yourself. These are just some ideas for your entry way. Furniture you can buy or things you can build. Enjoy.. (you are more than welcome to link this to your post if you want other people's opinions on what they like.)

I do not really like this one but I love the concept. Sort of what I am going for in my house minus the coat rack part of it. My bench is prettier though. And I am still looking for the perfect shelf thing like this.

I ran across this. It looks small but pretty cool. I had never seen thing before. I found it at I just typed in shoe storage bench under google then looked under images. not sure where to buy this or if it is large enough.

Simple way of doing this, bench piece, or build bench with basket underneath and attached a pretty bookcase. Your creative, you can do something easy and fun

Yall could build this

Yall could easily build something like this and then put baskets under the bench part

This one I like because it has a cubbie that closes for your shoes (they have blankets) I don't like exposed cubbies and clutter (even though mine is exposed right now) The down side, you can not sit and open the cubbie at the same time.

You can find tons of furniture like the last pic at places like liquidations by lila (That is where I got my bench) (plus they are already put together) or goodwill or biglots and so on. Some even have mirrors in them where the tall part is. some with built in cubbies an so on. Good luck with your weekend projects.